Sunday, March 1, 2009

Refuel Book Report #3

Chapter 1

I've been steadily reading through the book, I just haven't had time to blog in the past few days.  
To get a better picture of what Refuel is all about check out this post.

Chapter 3 is all about Stopping.  

"It doesn't have to be a long stop . . . just stop for five minutes.  Or three.  Or one.  Or thirty seconds.  That's right . . . seconds!"

Refueling doesn't require me to spend 3 hours each morning in the word.  I can stop and take pauses throughout my day and refuel my soul.  Don't misunderstand me, if a person can spend a long period in the morning or night or during the day in the Bible and prayer then that's fantastic.  There are times I spend an extended period with God, but those are few and far between, usually it is a half hour max.  I would be spending more time with God if I created stopping points throughout my day to pray or read some scripture.  We get so busy we don't take time to stop.

"Just as you don't refuel your car while it is in motion, you can't refill your soul while you are in a flurry of activity."

Doug shared some obstacles to stopping:
Lie:  There's just not enough time to do everything
Lie:  I'm just in a busy season right now  (I highlighted this one because this would be the lie I use often to cover for not stopping)
Lie:  But this is really, really important  (when you say yes to everything.  we need to learn to say "no")
Lie:  Success and busyness are synonyms

Favorite quote from chapter 3:
"Stop saying yes to everything.
Stop occupying your life with trivial things.
Stop filling your life with too many good things and living a busy life with no margins and no space for God and what really matters.
     Stop so you can refuel your soul and have the spiritual depth to battle the superficiality of busyness."

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