Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sunday Night in The Loft

Sunday night we had a great time in The Loft.

We started off the evening with a dessert bar/contest.  Students (and leaders) made Christmas desserts using little Debbie Christmas tree snack cakes, toppings, ice cream and whip cream.  The student who created the best looking dessert won.  I enjoyed both making and eating my dessert creation.  We got some funny looks in the grocery store with 25 boxes of Little Debbies.  The distributor has a lot of restocking to do.

We then watched Elf and asked students to watch with "spiritual" eyes.  Look for and listen for parts of the movie that have spiritual applications.  After the movie we had a time where we shared some of those applications. 

A fun night!  Biggest attendance that we have had in months and several students we haven't seen in many months have made a return over the past couple of weeks. 

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