Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Extreme Home Makeover

If you are a doubter. . .
They really do build the house in a week.  Sunday they demolished the old home.  By yesterday afternoon the concrete was poured.  We arrived at noon today and the entire house was framed and enclosed, windows in place.  While we were there they sprayed the insulation in the walls, sheetrocked the bedrooms and hall and closet and bathrooms, taped and mud and finished.  By the time we left they had just about nailed the plywood on the roof and they were starting to apply the roofing.  My guess is that by the end of the night the roof is finished and they are painting the interior.

It was a fun opportunity even though we didn't get to do as much as I would like to have done because they were a bit behind schedule and basically they needed real pros working on the home.  But we did what we could to help.   

To answer the question I know I will be asked, no I didn't see Ty.  I did see Michael and Ed.  I may be in a shot if it makes the cut.  Misha was there for the march of the volunteers and demolition on Sunday so she will more than likely be on the show.  This episode is the final one for the season and will air in 6 weeks.  Enjoy the pics!

Plywood for the roof

T on the left, me on the right
Fans of the show understand

Me behind the house

Me and my lovely wife on our date

You may recognize this stud.  I'm talking about me . . .  not the lumber.

My homeboy T up on the roof

Our trash pile

T and me enjoying VIP food in the VIP tent

The house, there must have been 150 people working in and on the house

Misha my wife lookin good in a hard hat

Misha moving trash

Me posing with the house

T contemplating his upcoming adventure on the shuttle ride to the house
In case there is any question the badge says it all. 


CFHusband said...

Ed is my favorite.

ladybug said...

glad you were feeling good enough to go - that fabulous matzoh ball soup must have done the trick -

wyantfamily said...

Thanks Andy and Misha for taking pictures of my T! Since he was dead set against taking a camera yesterday (which I'm glad he didn't since he was on that roof). He said he had a great time and it was a once and a lifetime experience for sure. He has enjoyed it!

marcia said...

Oh, lucky you! It looks like it would be so much fun to be part of a project of that magnitude! I LOVE that show! :)

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