Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today our twins, "Fred and Wilma", baby A and B, are two months old!
They have doubled in weight.  They love to eat.  Don't cry much at all.  Sleep really good.  
I am looking forward to them sleeping through the night.
"Fred" is starting to have more awake  and alert time,  "Wilma", since she is a girl, has been a bit ahead of him on this.
Both are beginning to hold their heads up really well.  "Fred" looks great in blue and "Wilma" looks great in pink or purple.
They love to snuggle with us and we love to snuggle with them.  

Happy Birthday babies!

God has blessed our family through the miracle of adoption.  To find out more about our adoption story check out this post.  If you have questions about adoption or are considering adoption please feel free to contact me.


CFHusband said...

they're going to be as big as Gwyneth in a few months...

I enjoyed some frozen goodness courtesy of Rita's last night...probably again regular water ice all week at KDH (maybe at SS too) to celebrate their opening.

marcia said...

It looks, to me, like "Fred" is already developing that trademark Lawrenson mischevious gleam in the eyes! Wow! I thought it was genetic....but apparently it is an environmentally acquired trait!! :) Poor kid just doesn't have a chance!:)
And Wilma just looks totally sweet! What a honey!!!
You are indeed they are to be in your family! How is #1 Son reacting to all of this change in the household? I'm sure he enjoyed his "creative" time with Dad and Lincoln Logs the other day.
We know one young couple who is leaving in a few days, to go bring their second daughter home from China, and another family who will be bringing their third child home from Ethiopia very soon. Yup---adoption rocks!

Susan said...

Beautiful babies - so happy for your family.

Andy Lawrenson said...

Brought home 3 regulars from Rita's today. All FREE!

Nancy said...

Cute, cute babies!

Megan and Company said...

Oh my word. They are too adorable. I can't wait to meet them this summer!

Andy Lawrenson said...

@megan and company - come give them a squeeze. They love to snuggle

Michelle Jamie said...

Happy Birthday. Sorry I missed it we were busy with missions conference. Hope it was a great day.

Sallie said...

They are just too precious. God is so good!

brunettekoala said...

Gorgeously cute. Was reading your adoption story. It's not something you hear about much here in Scotland - adoption is pretty rare now, especially babies.

Anyway, thank you for sharing it. Totally encourages my heart.

Oh, and thank you for heads up on surf ministry website. I'm saving up to buy a wetsuit (has to be a winter one ALL YEAR ROUND here) and although its a seed of an idea just now, hoping it's gonna grow into something great.

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