Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Youth Room

We are closing in fast on finishing the construction on our new youth room. After the construction is finished we start "outfitting" the room. We have even asked our church to give a special Christmas gift to Christ this year by giving to help us finish out the room. The gift isn't about the stuff inside but there is more to the reason and purpose of this room.

There will be 5 flat screens and a projection screen, pool table, ping pong, foosball, table games, a couple of Wii units, sofas and comfy chairs, bistro tables and a coffee bar, thumping sound system, espresso machine, cabinets stocked with "goodies", and a section for our worship time.

All of those things to outfit the room will be cool (and hopefully will all be in the room one day) but all those things are just things. The room is just a room. So why do all of this?

The Vision of the room

Our purpose as a youth ministry goes right in line with our church's purpose. Nags Head Church's youth ministry exists to reach students to discover life in Christ.

The room will be cool enough for our students to invite their friends to come hang out and hear the good news of Jesus Christ. That's the "reaching" part of our purpose. Our prayer is we see many students come to know Jesus Christ in this room.

The room will be a tool to help students as they discover life in Christ.
It will be comfortable, a cozy place to hang out with other students and adult leaders. That's the fellowship part of our room. A place where relationship are built.

The room will be a place where students learn to use the gifts God has given them to serve the church, the body of Christ. They will have opportunity to serve each-other each week.

The room will be a place where there is an environment for our students (and leaders) to worship God through music, art, Bible study. Part of this life discovery in Christ is learning to worship and understanding the value of worship.

The room will be a place where students will gather each week in small groups with a caring adult and they will discuss the lesson for the week, spend time in prayer, and be encouraged to spend time in the Bible on their own during the week. This will be the discipleship tool that our room will help provide.

The room will be a place that acts as a launching pad for mission. Students will be challenged and equipped to share their story with their friends. A place where we can gather and plan events to reach their world and the world beyond our county lines.

This new youth room becomes a "tool" for us and our students to reach and disciple students. The things that outfit the room become tools to reach students.

I will be posting pictures soon!!

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