Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Parent Discipleship Resources

Heart Connex devotionals are designed for very busy families. The head of the household can print the studies and make preparations in only about five minutes. In most cases families can complete the studies in 20 minutes.  
Heart Connex is a free service.  Simply click on the picture and go to the site to find out more and sign up and get started.  A great way to get together with your teen twice a week for a little devotion time together.  Spending this time together is vital for parents to disciple their teen.

Learn to live, laugh, love, and play together as a family. When you learn the 10 essential principles for creating a happy, close-knit household, you’ll discover a family that shines with love for God and one another!

This book is priced at $11.69 at Homeword.com  Simply click on the picture of the book for more info on this resource.

Possible stroke of genius?  

I'm currently working through this short book.  I know that students are a lot like me in that they get discouraged at times because it doesn't seem that they are successful at spending time everyday in quiet time with God.  We don't have to feel defeated.  Doug Fields has some great encouragement and ideas on refueling spiritually.  

As I was reading yesterday I thought that this would be a great book for parents and their teens to work through together.  Each chapter has some reflection and action activities as well as a discussion guide.  It is easy to read and some good humor sprinkled throughout.  I would encourage parents to go to the web site by clicking on the book and ordering a book for themselves and one for their teen (s) and work through this together.  
If I had grasped what is taught in this book as a teenager I probably would not have struggled so much as an adult in setting apart time to get alone with God.

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