Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Shoes!

I have had the privilege to write some articles over the past several months for Simply Youth Ministry.  This past week I received my first check for writing.  Does that make me a professional writer?  Good thing they have editors, :)  as some of you know because you have the nerve to give me grammar lessons in the comments which basically make no sense to me.  I'm one class away from a master's degree if grammar hasn't sunk in yet it ain't gonna.

I have been needing some new shoes for quite some time.  The NSS shoes my lovely wife gave me two years ago at Christmas were starting to show their wear.  They smelled a bit weird also.
So I took a portion of my writing money and went to OBBC and purchased a sweet pair of Vans.
My friend Whitney, who works there, helped me pick them out.  I need help looking as cool as I do, I'm not real fashion smart.  The best part of the deal is the fact that the shoes were 40% off!

So here are my sweet new Vans:

1 comment:

OBXBookworm said...

Love the new kicks, Andy! Hope "Fred & Wilma" are doing great! They look adorable in their pink and blue outfits.

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