Saturday, March 7, 2009

quick grounding story (Bump)

I was wondering this morning what I blogged about a year ago today.  Here is a post from a year ago today.  

I just thought about this a bit ago.  

I was standing in the church talking with a dad who had grounded his boy from youth group the week before.  I asked him, "Why did you ground "Johnny" from church?"  He looked puzzled.  He said, "I didn't I grounded him from youth group."  I asked, "Isn't youth group church?"
You could almost see the light bulb come one over his head.  He had an "Aha!" moment.  Then dad told me he wouldn't do that again.

I have actually had parents say to me: 
"I'm grounding her from youth group because it's fun."
"Youth group is just a game time."

Which leads me to wonder . . .
Parents out there around world. . . 
When was the last time you attended your son or daughter's youth group to see what it is all about?  Slide in the back of the room and see what is happening.  Of course if you want to make your kid melt into their seat barge in real loud and sit in the front row. :)

Youth leaders out there around the world. . . 
Is your youth group a "game time"?   Have you invited your parents to participate, even just pay a visit?

Just to add to the post from a year ago.  Not long ago I had my first set of parents come check out youth group a couple of weeks when they were new to our church. They asked me if it was ok.  OK?  You know it is and I wish more parents did this with their church's youth group gatherings, not just at our church but at churches everywhere.  Perhaps some would discover that youth group is church and that they themselves could get involved in helping out.


Rick Lawrenson said...

This will sound cruel, but I'll say it anyway, because it is true.

Our youth would have a whole lot less of their own issues to deal with if their parents would deal with their own.

beachbug said...

ooohhh. True dat!
How many students carry around burdens and pressures in life that they shouldn't have to because mom and dad push their problems onto their kids (intentionally or not).

swahilimama said...

I've always thought that church, whether for children or students, should be just as important… no, more important… than school. So as children they need to get to bed just as early on Saturday night as they do on a school night. As youth, they need to see that their parents value being faithful in their attendance at church as much as they expect their kids to be in class regularly at school. If church attendance is sporadic or optional for the parent, the kids are getting the message that worshipping God is just something you do at your convenience.

Sorry. I didn't mean to lecture, but I have strong feelings about that. You probably can't tell.

We're hosting the senior girls for D-NOW this weekend. Gotta' go clean house. :(


TruePraise said...

As the parent of a teen, I agree with what you have said. In general, regular youth group meetins are not something we would ground our kids from (extra youth events maybe, but not the regular ones).

Now, that said, if my son/daughter is ever grounded from Youth Group, you know things at are house have gotten really serious! If he is grounded from Youth Group, he is grounded from Life. ;-)


beachbug said...

swahilimama -

Have a fantastic D-Now. Those are lots of fun! Oh, I meant very serious ;)

I totally agree with you on the importance of corporate worship.

beachbug said...

I had a parent once say, "I grounded ___________ from youth group because she has been hanging around the wrong crowd."


swahilimama said...

D-NOW is fun! This is our third year to host it. Our kids participated when they were in high school, and my husband lead them when we were in Nashville.

And… I wasn't excluding youth events from what I said about the importance of being regular in attendance, nor was I limiting it to Sunday morning—just in case I wasn't clear. :P

Any suggestions for lunch tomorrow for our D-NOW group?

Bonnie said...

I want my kids 'grounded'
...grounded in the word of God and in their beliefs and doctrine! I'm with you on this one.

beachbug said...

team pizza building

ladybug said...

My kid just got a job and he told the manager that he was not available to work on Wednesdays or Sundays - how "grounded" is that?

beachbug said...

most excellent

TruePraise said...

So, answer this for me.....My kids attend Sunday School, Sunday Night and Wednesday night...all with basically the same kids and the same there ever a time where it is too much youth group?

I am asking a serious question, not trying to stir up trouble...


beachbug said...

We are leaning more towards discovering how to help parents disciple their children and working together to accomplish that. We have no Sunday School but there are small groups that meet in different homes with different leaders. Our youth group meets one night a week.

I think there can be too much but that is my opinion, especially if it is always large group.
I guess the questions to ask is what is the purpose of each meeting and are the meetings accomplishing the purpose?

MilePost13 said...

to answer truepraise's question...yeah, I think there is. the last church I was in did the same thing you were talking about...I never could understand it.I don't even want to go to church three times a week if it's basically the same thing every time (esp. if it's boring).

(on a side note) I don't think these types of issues are black and white. When I was a junior/senior in high school, I missed out on Wednesday night service (back before we had a youth group on Wed. nights) to play high school soccer for a few months each year. I think my parents and I decided that it was both a mission field and an opportunity for me to possible further my chances for a college scholarship, etc.

CJolly said...

Good posts Andy! And I like the new look!

Terry Gray Sr. said...

Good post Andy. I know that sometimes with small group I was under the impression that Little Terry was going out for the night.I guess it is possible to not understand that it is still Church. Not that I ever grounded him from much of anything, we are blessed, he is a good kid and his involvement in not only Church but small group and the friends he has at Church have guided him on a good life in Christ.
I think the "drop by and see" idea is a good one for parents. I never did that because I mostly knew the people he was hanging out with.

Good post.......makes you think

Also like the changes to the blog. the glasses must have worked. (lol)

Rick Lawrenson said...

"Little Terry"

Terry Gray Sr. said...

Ha Ha.....hear ya Rick. Never I must admit, but he does have a big heart to match.

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