Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Busyness of Summer

Just realized I haven't blogged for a few weeks. Summer is a busy time!

Camp prep is coming along:
Whitewater rafting - Check!
Cabin reserved - Check!
Dollywood Tickets - ordering this week!
Campers' Handbooks - Check!
Camp Small Group studies - Check!
Menu - Check!
Vans reserved - Check!
Church van serviced - Next week!
Med Kit/First Aid Kit - Check!
Board and Table Games - Check!
Pre Camp Meeting with Parents and campers - Check!
Shedule - Check!
Morning Worship - Check!
Evening Worship - working on the talks now
Camp Staff notebooks - next week!
Trailer reserved - Check!
Dog sitter - Check!

Contagious is meeting on the beach this summer (as is our habit) and we are still in the shallow to deep series. Coming along nicely. This Sunday we talk about God and our resources.

New youth room - waiting on a couple more estimates before we can get our permit. Hoping to knock it out fast!

YM Team meeting - coming up Sunday evening. Looking towards the new school year.

Tubbs Hot Dogs - rolling along. Hoping business increases as does traffic flow this coming week.

Sleep debt - 16 hours. Hoping to catch up on that on my new space age foam mattress. Comfy.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Camp Contagious

Created a new blog for our family and friends to track us while we are on our camp journey.

Check it out here

New Site is up and Running

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