Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sabbatical Sandwich

One benefit of the sabbatical is I'm at home and in my kitchen each day at lunch (been doing most of the cooking for our family).  I feed the twins and then feed me.
Here is my recipe for a sabbatical sandwich:

1 sub roll
2 slices of bologna 
2 slices of pepperoni (sandwich size)
2 slices of salami
2 slices of provolone cheese
banana pepper rings
lettuce (I use the spring mix)
Boars Head sub dressing
parmesan cheese
garlic powder

Slice sub roll in half long ways and then place face down on a cookie sheet and place under broiler to toast the outside of the roll.
Butter inside of the roll and sprinkle with garlic powder, oregano and Parmesan.
Place under the broiler again to toast the inside of the roll with all the goodies on it.
On the bottom of the roll stack bologna, pepperoni, salami and then place provolone on top.
Place under the broiler again to melt the cheese and heat up the meat.
Place lettuce and peppers on top of the cheese.  Pour the Boars Head sub dressing over top of the lettuce.  Place the top of the sub roll on the sandwich and then consume the sandwich.

"A sandwich is a sandwich but a sabbatical sandwich is a meal"

Follow the sandwich with a brisk walk around the neighborhood.


Rebecca Meyers said...

And no doubt your bologna, pepperoni, salami, and provolone are Boar's Head also. Sounds YUMMY!

Joy said...

Sounds yummy!

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