Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Strange Occurrences in the Skies

If you have been watching the news lately you know of the strange occurrences that have been happening in the sky across the eastern seaboard. Hundreds have reported seeing a bright orange object flying across the sky and then hearing explosions and then seeing purple soft ball size trail of lights. 

Now I'm not a "believer" in Aliens. As you know from past posts I do believe in UFO's. I have had a few incidents of witnessing strange things in the sky that can't be explained as a traditional known aircraft. This morning I'm minding my own business, watching FOX news and twittering with a cup of coffee when I heard a rumble. It is cloudy out so I thought nothing of it and just thought it was thunder since it looks like it is going to rain. I heard the rumbles again so I got up to look out the living room window.  

Strange occurrence happens once again in my life with a UFO. There was a strange shaped glowing orange object just below the cloud cover and behind it trailed a burst of blueish purpleish softball sized balls of light. What makes this even stranger for me is the that this happened during daylight hours which I haven't heard of in the news.  

Because of what is going on in our lives we keep the camera close by in the living room and I was able to snap this photo.


Sallie said...

I saw it coming, but it was still funny! Have a great day!

Lee said...

You're a card, Andy. We'll deal with you later. Bbwwwaaahaaaahhhaaaaa

Rick Lawrenson said...

The rumble you heard was likely coming from your seat cushion.

Michelle Jamie said...


DogsDontPurr said...

Ha! You totally got me!

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I saw some glowing orbs in the night sky. We live near the beach and also close to LAX. We were mesmerized.

After a short walk and a bit of investigation, we found out that a couple was flying kites that had some kind of lights in them. Night kites!

But it was really spooky when we first saw them and didn't know what they wore.

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