Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Benchmark Youth Ministry Coaching

For the past few years I have had a desire to help youth leaders and churches reach students.  I know in our area there are a lot of youth ministries led by a volunteer.  Hats off to volunteers!  These fine folks work hard all week and then put in hours of work with their church's youth as well.  

I recently launched a new web site and service.  Benchmark Youth Ministry Coaching has been created to hopefully be used by churches to help them in their efforts in reaching students.  Right now Benchmark YMC is in the infant stage, if this thing takes off I hope to add other youth ministers to the coaching roster in different areas who can join the team in helping churches do youth ministry better.  I know that in my own experience it has been so helpful to be able to tap into veteran youth ministers to get ideas, guidance and encouragement.


Corey Bearden said...

Really good idea. I'll check out the website.

ZazFamily said...

Andy, great way to use your knowledge and insight in reaching youth.

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