Monday, April 20, 2009

Columbine High

Ten years ago today Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris walked into their high school and went on a rampage shooting and killing their classmates.  Ten years ago today our nation was shocked and rocked by this incredible act of violence.  What could cause two teenage boys to "go off"?  What would lead Dylan and Eric to shoot other teens who they had grown up with?  Twelve students and a teacher lost their lives that day and around 24 others were injured.  Hundreds were wounded emotionally.  

Columbine was the first of several school shootings that would soon follow.  Immediately schools took action steps to increase security.  Our local schools have bumped up security.  Parents cried out for schools to protect their children.  Not long after Columbine I heard parents and students complain about security measures.  How quickly we forget.

Let's not forget to take time today to pray for the families who lost their children in the Columbine killings.  Remember to pray for the survivors.  Most have struggled for years with the shocking scene they witnessed ten years ago.  No child should ever see the things the survivors saw that day.

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I hope we can all learn more of the warning signs of these children, so we can catch it early.
I have 2 children in school and I can't imagine something like that happening to them.

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