Monday, April 27, 2009

Last NIght at Contagious

Last night was my first night at Contagious since mid February. It was great to be serving with the YM team again and ministering to students. Contagious has met every week and continued without me, and judging from last night's attendance the group has been doing well without me because our YM team did a fantastic job. I'm super thankful for their willingness to serve and share Christ's love with students.

Last night was an outreach night. This is a push for our students to bring (we have stopped using the word "invite" and implemented "bring") their friends. Usually we serve something other than just chips and drinks and the main emphasis is on sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with the students.

Everyone got a coin and I shared the good news of salvation using the following outline: (thanks to D. Fields)
As Believers . . .
Penny - Reminds us that our Past is forgiven in Christ
Nickel - Reminds us that Now that the Holy Spirit lives in us
Dime - Reminds us that God has an eternal Determined Destiny for us in Christ
Quarter - Reminds us that followers of Christ have Quality growth

Bonnie's family group doubled their size last night.  We told students that the group with the biggest percentage of guests would get a prize. This is a group of high school girls and they had the option of  playing laser tag and eating pizza or making jewelry and eating pizza.  They chose lazertag! (and their guests go with them)  Sounds like an outing I may have to do with them to make sure the event goes well.

Some stats from last night:
Attendance was 60% group members and 40% guests
15% of our members were absent
5 of the 10  family groups brought the guests

We consumed:
5 large bags of chips
75 hot dogs with a fully loaded hot dog bar
3 gallons of lemonade
3 gallons of ice cream with a fully loaded sundae bar


ZazFamily said...

If they had chosen making jewelry would you have gone too?!

Andy Lawrenson said...

@zazfamily - probably so and would have blown them away with my skills

Bonnie said...

I'd just like to go on record as saying, it was really good to have you back. Mike did a great job while you were gone, but we all missed you. Hope you're rested and relaxed, my 11 year old will be graduating from HS by the time you get your next sabbatical. whoo hoo

Andy Lawrenson said...

Now I'm planning my 3 weeks vacation. :)

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