Friday, April 17, 2009

"I Love Technology" (in the voice of Kipling Dynamite)

In our youth ministry we use technology in as many ways possible.  I'm sure we have yet to even tap the potential or possibilities in using technology.  

We have a web site that helps promote events, remind and resource parents, publicize why we exist as a youth ministry and online event registration.

We use Textmarks at times to shoot out text reminders and announcements.  Students and parents can sign up on our web site to receive the text reminders.

Facebook is a tool we use a lot.  We have formed a facebook group for our youth group.  Our youth ministry team has a group as well and we use it to discuss ym topics and remind us what is coming up.  Recently I encouraged our adult leaders to form individual facebook groups for their "family group" that meets on Sunday nights at Contagious as a means of communicating and keeping tabs on their students.  Facebook events are a great way to promote upcoming events and activities.

On Sunday, April 26, we are having an outreach night.  The purpose of this night is for students to focus on bringing friends to Contagious.  We are experimenting by using Facebook as a means of inviting their friends to come hang with us at Contagious.  Besides presenting the gospel that night we will also have a hot dog bar with all the deluxe fixins and a sundae bar with all the goodies to make a great sundae, even sprinkles!

What ways does your youth ministry use technology?

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Colston said...

Hey Andy,
I think I told you about our daily dose thing we do...
We also use a site called This allows me to take check the "spritual temp" of our youth ministry but asking questions. They then respond via text message. This is a neat thing.
This summer we will try and incorporate Twitter however this isnt fully developed yet.

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