Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tonight at Contagious

Tonight was great.  We had a great time during Hang Time playing ping pong, volleyball, farkle and just chillin on the balcony.

I kicked youth group off with some good hawaiian music then we play a power play game on the big screen with some thumpin rap music in the background.   After that we dove into the lesson.  We are still in our series about stress.  Abraham in Genesis 22 was in a very stressful situation as God asked him to sacrifice Isaac.   Many times in life we want to have our test to be over immediately and everything smoothed out.  We don't want the trial we want instant gratification. This instant gratification is actually failing the test of faith.   I heard a lot of good discussion going on in their "family" groups tonight.

Abraham went through this not to strengthen his faith.  Abraham went through this to test his faith.   Read Genesis 22 and think about what you would do and how you would react if you were in Abraham's sandals.

Next week we hit the beach for Contagious on the beach.  We will have youth group on the beach every Sunday night (except Father's Day) until October.  We love the beach!  Parents, we will kick off the Parent Pod next Sunday night.  

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