Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Afternoon Thoughts on Ministry

Ministry is not something only the "paid" professionals do.  Ministers aren't just the dudes that get up and preach on Sunday morning.  Every believer is a minister, or at least should be.

Every part needs to do function as God has placed the parts in order for a church to be effective in ministry. 

Ministry is serving Christ and his church.  To say you don't have time to minister is to say you don't have time to serve the bride of Christ.  Ministry shouldn't be confused with mission.  If I mow my neighbor's lawn I'm doing mission.   (unless he is a member of the church, then that would be ministry)  If I love my church (that's the people, not the building) I should want to serve my church.

To be a balanced, spiritually healthy, believer a follower of Christ must be actively involved in ministry in their local church.  I'm spiritually unhealthy if I'm not giving of my time, talents, personality, resources.  How much time in ministry is enough time in ministry?  Great question!  You tell me.  Some of the busiest people I know in their business, work and families are some of the ones who are most involved in ministry also.

Great joy is found in serving where God has SHAPED you to serve.  Your church is in poor shape when every part isn't functioning where God has placed him/her.

Where do you serve in your church?  Is it a fit?  Does is fit your spiritual gift(s), your personality, your experiences?  Are you passionate about the ministry you are involved in?


ZazFamily said...

excellent post!! we all must walk the walk and talk the talk 24/7. never miss an opportunity to serve, and or be a blessing to someone.!!

Jason said...

What are your thoughts about being paid as a "minister"? If we are all called to minister and use our gifts as Christians, how do we reconcile taking a salary when we expect the church body to do the same things we do on top of a 40 hour a week job? I've been struggling with this issue myself. And from my experience, a salary position at a church has seemed to only cause heartache, trouble, and reluctant compliance to the whims of those supplying the salary. I understand that the mindset is that a minister is paid so that he can devote more time to the things he is "supposed" to do, but is that a Biblical model? Thanks,

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