Monday, September 28, 2009

Last Night at Contagious

Fantastic turn out of students last night!  Several guests and we exceeded our goal for the week.  It was "build your own pizza" night, which is always a favorite among the students and YM team alike.  Students enjoyed hanging out with each other and with the team during Hang Time.  I watched some of the pizza building.  Some students were all about creating a "work of art" others were just about the business of slapping the toppings on so they could consume their pizza as quick as possible.

We have been building up some momentum.  We started a few weeks ago with Galaxy Golf, the next week we returned to the church building and created our new Pods for the school year, last night we did the pizza thing.  Next week we introduce the new Contagious Youth Band as they lead us in some worship in music.  I'm really excited about the band, they sounded great last night at practice.

We tackled our first message in the Elijah series, I Kings 18:16-39.  We looked at Elijah's confidence in God when he took on the prophets of Baal.  We saw that Confidence in God brings:
Courageous Attitudes
Bold Actions
Useful Service
The student then broke up into their Pods and discussed and applied the lesson from Elijah's life as well as took a peek at Stephen in the book of Acts 7:54-60.

Next Sunday we look at tackling fear.  I'll be honest, I'm afraid of roller coasters and have absolutely zero desire to ride them, and yes I have been on a coaster before.

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CFHusband said...

Awesome to hear!
I think I'll come hang out next week and listen to the sweet band!


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