Monday, September 21, 2009

Last Night at Contagious

Last night we had each student fill out an info sheet so we could update all our contact info and find out which grade they are in this year as well as what sports or extracurricular activities they are involved in.  This info is helpful to their Pod Leader to keep tabs as well as attend games, etc.

We gathered their info during Hang Time and then by the time we moved into the auditorium for our Bible study we had placed each student in their new Pod for the school year.  The Pods shaped up nicely and students were challenged to grow their Pod by bringing their friends to Contagious.

Hang Time continues to be a favorite time for our students.  Next week is "build your own pizza" night during Hang Time.  

Next week we begin a three week series looking at Elijah.  We check out being confident in God.

Last night we looked at Daniel 6 and checked out Daniel's commitment.  We were challenged to:
Be Committed to other Believers 
Be Committed to Grow
Be Committed to Worship 
Be Committed to your Mission

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