Friday, September 11, 2009

A Day to Remember

On this day in 2001 Mish and I were sitting in the living room of "Weekend at Burnie's" beach house.  We had traveled to the OBX for my interview for the staff position of youth and children's pastor at NHC.  

I will never forget the images that I saw as we were watching the Good Morning America and the 2nd jet struck the tower.  9/11 is a day I will never forget.  That day thousands of innocent Americans lost their lives due to the act of some religious fanatics who had no regard for life because that is what their religion taught them.  

I pray that we as a nation will never forget that day.  Our churches were flooded with people wanting to pray.  Our nation turned to God during that time.  From looking at what is going on in our country I think we have forgotten or perhaps we are a "nation under God" when we are at our rope's end and in trouble.

Sometimes when I hear the politicians bantering it seems that they and the ACLU have forgotten what happened to America on that day.  When I see on the news people, Americans, defending terrorist my blood starts to boil.  Why would an American do that?  Because they have forgotten the lives lost on 9/11, they have forgotten all the fallen heroes who went into burning buildings to rescue Americans knowing that their lives were at risk, they have forgotten the folks on the flight who battled to save their own lives.  It's a safe bet that they probably didn't know anyone who died that day personally.

So today I will remember, I will pray for those who are still struggling with the loss of their loved ones.  I will gather at lunch time with the fine folks of our local emergency services and pray for them and their safety and thank them for the job that they do.  What will you do today as you remember?

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