Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Article on Age Segmentation in the Church

Nate, our worship and arts dude, sent me a link to a great article.  Here it is.  A good read for church leaders and parents of teens.  Don't think you are interested in reading the article?  Read some of the things the article shares below:

"The statistics are grim. Rainer Research estimates that 70 percent of young people leave the church by age 22."

"If adults in a church caught a vision that every kid needs to have their name known by five adults in the church, then an adult who's interested in computers can connect with a teen who is interested in computers. And it's through things like service that we get to know each other and can follow up later to deepen the relationship."

"But one of our more interesting findings is that it's also very important for parents to share about their own spiritual journeys with kids. Teenagers don't know how their parents came to know Jesus."

"The pastor is crucial. I'm a big believer in the priesthood of all believers. Yet the reality is that the behavior and attitudes of the pastor ultimately set the course for the church."

"Technology today is a lot like a driver's license was for the previous generation. When I got my driver's license, all of a sudden I could do things with my friends and have relationships that I couldn't without my driver's license. And cell phones do that for kids today."

Now are you interested?  Read the article here.

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