Monday, September 14, 2009

All Part of the Plan

It is easy to get in the routine and then get stuck in a rut.  This summer we met each Sunday night at the beach for our youth gathering.  Now that school has started we will be moving back to the church building.  I noticed this summer several of our students who didn't attend even one youth group gathering at the beach, I also noted that we need to see some new faces at youth group.
So what do we do?

I thought that between the transition from the beach to the church building it would be good to do something just for fun.   The idea was that for the student who has faded out it would be an easy and fun way to fade back in.  The other thought was that it would be a good non-threatning way for students to bring a friend.  So we went to Galaxy Golf.  The fine folks at Galaxy Golf there were closed but opened just for us.

I totally whooped the 3 middle school boys I was competing against, so I feel like a bigger man today. :)  (Just a side note)  It was cool how our YM team played with groups of students rather than with other YM team members.  The great part is I didn't have to tell them to do that, they are just that good at what they do and know their purpose to their ministry.

The plan worked.  We had the best turn out of students we have had since last school year's end.  We saw a few of the faded out students fade back, we got to meet several new students who were brought by their friends.  A few parents even hung out and played with us, which is cool.

At the end all the students were reminded of our Movie Night on Saturday night.  We will be showing the film, Walking on Water, outside in the parking lot.  Students are to bring a chair and a friend to enjoy this great film.  My hope is that the Galaxy Golf would be a great way to springboard into Saturday night's event which will be a great way to ease some new guests into Sunday night's youth gathering.  It's all part of the plan.

So when planning events and activities ask yourself, "Why are we doing this?"  If there is no purpose or ultimate reason don't plan the event or activity.


marie said...

You have trained us well Chief!

Nancy said...

My crew had a great time!

CFHusband said...

AWESOME~ Saturday movie night sounds pretty awesome as well. Great ideas!


CFHusband said...

hoping I feel up for the movie night!

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