Monday, August 3, 2009

Last Night at Contagious

Last night we had a great time at Contagious.  It was storming so we had to move our gathering from the beach back to NHC.  We cooked and consumed many Boars Head hot dogs thanks to our sponsors!

Students were playing ping pong, cards, golf (some sort of card game).  Some middle school girls created their own game out of plastic bowling pins and bowling ball.  I'm not sure how their game worked but they were having a great time.  Students sat around and visited with each other and our YM team.  All of this was going on while we had music videos from Interlinc on the flat screens.

Rich and I put our heads together and in about 5 minutes came up with a game idea:
  • Use one old "see and say" from the church nursery or yard sale
  • Divide students into teams by age
  • Take a volunteer from each group (play as many rounds as you like)
  • Take a "volunteer" from the YM team to compete as well
  • Pull the handle and the contestant must imitate the animal.
  • Students vote by cheering for their favorite in each round
  • Have a final round with the winner of each round
  • Give a cheap prize to the winner (we gave the winner Mt. Dew)
This game could have been a flop but for some reason the students loved it and voted to keep it and not "trash it" (I was fully prepared to smash the "see and say" on stage if they voted "trash it)  The game had nothing to do with the lesson it was just about laughing  together.

We took a look at John 15:1-8 and took a look at Abiding (remaining in Christ).
  • Trust the Gardner
  • Pruning makes new growth
  • Grafting is good
  • We can reach and climb with support
Students then broke into small groups to discuss the lesson and talk about applying it in their own lives.  

Next Sunday we will continue the study on Abiding.

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