Sunday, August 30, 2009

Contagious Tonight

Youth group was big fun tonight.  We started out at Bonnet St. but the storm chased us back to NHC.  We quickly set up tables, pulled out the big tub of table games, set up the ping pong table and bam!  We had us a par tay.  

Great Boars Head hot dogs tonight.  Thanks to the Meyers for the dog sponsorship this summer and all the parents that pitched in on the bun rotation.

Great bunch of students tonight, I think it was our biggest attendance all summer.   I enjoyed looking around and seeing adult leaders at tables with students playing table games and ping pong.  That is where youth ministry begins as adults invest into the lives of students by building relationships.  Adults who stand around at youth group or sit together away from the students are not ministers, they are chaperons.  Students need ministers more than they need chaperons.  I'm glad our YM team "gets it".

Our lesson was from Mark 2.  Four friends took a paralyzed friend to Jesus to be healed.  When they arrived there was the obstacle of the crowd so they ripped open the roof and lowered the man to Jesus.   Jesus saw their faith and healed the man.
  • What obstacles do students face in sharing their faith with friends?
  • Do you have faith that God can change your friends' lives?
Students were challenged to reach their friends at school this semester.  Have faith that God can radically change their life as He did the life of the paralyzed man.

This next Sunday night the youth leaders have the night off as we go to the church picnic.  Looking forward to some kickball and good grub (onolicious grinds for my friends in Hi.)

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