Monday, August 17, 2009

The Reconstruction of Contagious Youth #1

February through April I was on sabbatical, during this time I started to think about and evaluate our youth ministry.  While we are doing some things good there are some areas that need improvement or strengthening.

This fall our goal is to have in place a "Coach" to lead out in different areas of our youth ministry to help organize and keep us on track and to help us produce spiritually healthy, growing and balanced students.  These coaches will pull together students and adults together to organize events, emphasis, focus us in the right direction.  This won't be an overnight process.  We hope to have the coaches in place by Christmas.  The process of planning and organizing and ultimately functioning in this new structure could take up to two years.  Better to take your time and do it right then to run into something willy nilly.

Missions Coach - to help us grow in local and foreign missions
Connection Coach - to help students discover the importance of being connected in a local church and strengthen students' relationships with each other
Magnification Coach - to help students discover and implement worship in their daily lives
Growth Coach - to help students move towards being a fully devoted, mature, believer
Ministry Coach - to help students discover their spiritual gifts and help them use their gifts and SHAPE in serving at NHC and Contagious Youth

So let the building begin!  I'll update as we reconstruct.

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