Thursday, August 13, 2009

Principles for Parents

This is from the Principles for Parents seminar we hosted in the spring and it was led by Herb Owen:

"We put our children in great danger when we allow them to operate under authority that is weak or distant or does not follow biblical principles.  The danger becomes far greater when we allow our children to be in a situation whre they are under the authority of no one at all.  We have then allowed them to be in a place of rebellion."

Something for us parents to think about as we draw close to the weekend and our kids start asking to go do this or that or stay at _____'s house.


Mommy B said...

Do you think he would apply this to schools too? Seeing how our (the US) public schools are going worldview-wise - I am curious.

Twins and big bro are looking happy!!

Andy said...

I'm not sure if he would apply this to public schools.
I wonder if Romans 13:1 would apply here.

I do know that if we pull all of our Christian students out of the public school system we leave the biggest mission field in America without missionaries.

I'm of the thinking that this is a decision left up to the parents.

Mommy B said...

Oh, absolutely!! It truly is up to the parents, especially after much prayer and supplication to the Almighty for His wisdom and His will on the matter.

and I've never suggested we pull all of the Christians out of public schools, and I never would :)

I don't think that Romans 13:1 would apply to this too much. I mean, yes, all authorities are ordained of God, and I DO think that Obama's sitting in the White House was ordained by God, but I do not believe that I am to take his words and his viewpoints as golden and make them my own simply because of that. Of course I doubt that's really what you were referring to.

I've have difficulty with the concept of the '5 year old missionaries' simply because they are little sponges soaking up everything they hear and taking adult words (especially ones in authority) as truth, no matter what the teaching may be. But if you have a good battle plan, then great! We're just more of a 'lay a firm foundation first in the early years' type of family (Proverbs 22:6)

Anyway - I was just curious if the speaker you were talking about made mention of that or not, not trying to start an arguement about a contentious subject

Andy Lawrenson said...

No argument or contention here.

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