Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Twins

December 31 we got the call from the adoption agency. We weren't on the list and we weren't pursuing adoption at that time. The agency wanted to know if we would consider adopting twins. It took us about three hours to make the decision.

Two years ago Misha and I woke up and packed up and traveled to meet with our adoption agency. We knew the twins were on their way but thought we had 6 weeks to get ready. Little did we know that when we arrived we would be taken to the hospital's NICU to meet our two babies who decided to arrive early. It was an incredible day in our lives. Totally amazing!

Life is fun but it is a whole lot more fun since we have these two in our lives. God blessed us 2 years ago with our babies. Happy Birthday Ava and Eli!!

1 comment:

GinnyBerry said...

What a beautiful family! I adopted my two sons 24 years ago and I'll always remember the joy!

Your twins are so cute, and all three of your children are beautiful.

Thank you for sharing!

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