Monday, January 25, 2010

Last Night at Contagious

Great group of students last night. Only a few regulars missing and we had several guests. Contagious trivia - 6 large bags of chips consumed in less than 15 minutes!

Last night we focused on sharing our faith. Pods discussed Matthew 28:18-20. Students then filled out a "My faith story" form, then paired up and shared their story with each other as a way to practice telling how Jesus has impacted their life. I heard some great conversations and watched some great interaction among the students as they "practiced".

One Pod leader helped a young man who has yet to take the step of faith to trust Christ. Question one is, "What was your life like before you trusted Jesus as your Savior?". I heard the Pod leader tell the young man that it was OK that he wasn't at the point of taking the step of faith yet (we didn't want to pressure any students or make them feel awkward and prefaced their time together by letting them know we knew that some did not yet have a "faith story"). He then went on to let the young man know that he could still answer number one since that is where he is at now in life. I think this young man will be taking the step of faith very soon. I'm also thankful for a sharp YM team!

I showed a video of Brian Welch, the former guitarist of Korn, sharing his faith story. You can check out Brian's story here. Parents you may want to watch it again with your teen and talk with him or her about Brian's story.

This Sunday is an outreach night. We have encouraged students to bring a friend who doesn't know Christ or is unchurched (made it clear it's not the night to bring friends from other churches). Three of our students will be sharing their faith story via video on the big screen. I'll then give students the opportunity to respond to the good news of Christ's love. I'm encouraging parents to pick up their teen's friends on the way to youth group.

Parent Pod is doing a parenting study and they have some awesome refreshments each week. If you are a parent on the OBX I would encourage you to check out the Parent Pod! Parent Pod meets during Contagious youth on Sundays from 5 to 7pm. The group is led by Pastor Tom, also the parent of a teen.

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