Monday, January 4, 2010

Last Night at Contagious

We had a great time during Hang Time last night. Hot Chocolate and popcorn is great on a chilly winter night.

Our lesson was about carrying around the guilt of sin. We don't have to. God makes forgiveness available. Can't earn forgiveness. Sin is like garbage. Why would you carry around a bag of garbage with you all the time. At home we take our garbage out to the curb to get rid of it, if we don't our home begins to stink. Same way with life, don't get rid of the sin and soon our life begins to stink. Many students (parents and adults) carry around their garbage rather than let God forgive them. Some get defensive if confronted about their garbage, some ignore their garbage and pretend it's not there, others say, "My garbage is between me and God and He is OK with it." in an attempt to justify their sin.

For the students that grasped the whole sin is garbage concept last night their life will never be the same. Sin will be confessed and forgiven. For those who didn't grasp the lesson, or those that missed the lesson, life ahead is going to be a struggle as they tote around their garbage bag.

This coming week's lesson is going to be all about eternal life. Eternal life starts here and now, it's not just about the future when life on earth is over. Our whole month of January is pushing us to the last Sunday night when our students host an outreach night for their friends who don't know God and unchurched friends.

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