Monday, January 18, 2010

Last Night at Contagious

Great time last night at Contagious! We had guests again last night. It seems just about every week students are bringing their friends and that's awesome! We just had a handful of our regulars missing last night, had they been there we would have 100% of our youth group in attendance. Wouldn't that be a miracle to have the entire youth group at Contagious at one time? It would be stinkin awesome! (and a dream in my life fulfilled that I would be able to cross off my "before I die" list)

The Contagious band kicked things off with a song. They are doing a super job. I look forward to them leading us in worship each week.

We took a look at Colossians 3:1-15. The idea of the last message in the series was keeping our mind on the things of heaven while living those things out in life today.
1. Think about the things of heaven
2. End sinful patterns
3. Put on a new wardrobe

Students gathered in their pods for discussion after the message. Seemed to be some good discussion going on at the tables.

Next week we talk about sharing our faith with our friends in an easy way, by sharing our story.

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