Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Change or Status Quo

Change happens all around us on a daily basis. Are you one that fights off change? Do you like things to stay the way they are? I'll admit I'm a creature of habit and function better when my days follow a certain pattern. BUT at the same time I like things to change. I like the excitement that change brings. I don't ride roller coasters so change is about the only adrenaline rush I get.

When I was going through the process of starting up the world renowned Tubbs Hot Dogs, LLC I had the experience of submitting an amendment to the town codes. I learned some interesting things going through the process. Step one after submitting my amendment was to appear before the town planning board. The board is made up of 5 citizens of the town. They shared their concerns and I responded. When it came to vote time on whether or not to recommend my amendment to go to public hearing one of the votes was interesting to me. Four of the five voted "yes" to the amendment with one voting "no". The lady who voted against the amendment was allowed to state why she voted "no" so the town council could know her reasoning. Her answer was, "I want to keep the status quo".

"Keep the status quo"?! I was the owner of a business and one of my managers wanted to "keep the status quo" I would fire that manager. If I were president and one of my cabinet members wanted to "keep the status quo" I would find someone new to replace the cabinet member.

Change must happen. I'm not talking about changing for the sake of simply making a change. I'm talking about evaluating why something needs to change. How can it improve? What could be done better? Keeping the status quo is living in a rut. We all know that a rut is a grave that is open at both ends.

So will your church's youth ministry, family ministry, children's ministry, small group ministry keep the status quo in 2010 or will it change and improve? What areas need improvement? Where does change need to happen? Remember some don't like change and will fight it tooth and nail, even if the change is necessary and explained thoroughly.

Will your family keep the status quo? Will your spiritual life keep the status quo? What changes are in store for you in 2010? You may not even know but your life, ministry, your world could radically change in just a matter of minutes, hours or even days.

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