Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tonight at Contagious

As I type this students are sitting with their "pod" and discussing  fear with their Pod leader.  We took a look at Elijah tonight from I Kings 19 and how he handled fear in his life.  Last week we looked at a huge moment in his life where Elijah took on 450 prophets of Baal.  God showed himself powerful.  Elijah defeated the prophets and then broke bad with the sword.  Then immediately he was on the run in fear of Jezebel.

We all have fears?  What are yours and how do you deal with them?  With confidence in God?

Last week we surpassed our attendance goal.  This week we are missing a chunk of students.  It's like a mass alien abduction.  Other youth pastors out there:  Ever notice how weird it is that a chunk of students miss one night?  Ever notice how that puts a hurting on growth momentum.  It just feels strange.  Hopefully our Pods do their jobs and contact their friends to let them know they were missed this week.

Tonight our youth band, the Contagious Band, premiered.  They did a fantastic job leading worship in music.  They played Everlasting God and All Because of Jesus.  They were great.  They have practiced all summer and the practice payed off.  I look forward to their continued ministry on Sunday nights.  I think they may even be ready for "Big Church" at some point soon.  Great job band!

Now I need to make some closing announcements with the students and send them home as soon as they are done with their prayer time.  I'm stoked to see what next week will bring!!

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