Thursday, October 15, 2009

Call Me Crazy!

There is a "dirty" word among youth leaders.  The word is "Lock In".  I have only done a few lock ins in my youth ministry years.  I have come to the conclusion that locking your youth group in the church and planning on watching movies and eating sandwiches all night is not the most intelligent youth ministry move.  Once I was even stupid enough to do this by myself. 

The Lock Ins that I appreciate, and even almost enjoy, are the lock ins outside the church.   Friday night I will, along with several adults, be joining our youth group at a laser tag lock in. Laser tag, 3D golf, arcade games, billiards enough stuff to keep us busy to pass the time and have fun.  

As I looked through the online registrations today I noticed that we will have about 13 guests. I'm excited about our students reaching out and look forward to sharing the gospel with them.
Some youth ministries only allow students who attend their youth group to go on events and activities.  I wonder where is the outreach in that approach?  What an excellent opportunity to introduce students to the youth group, church and most importantly the Lord!

So Saturday don't call me, don't call my house, my cell or my office.  I'll be sleeping most of the day away (which should be interesting with twin 9 month olds in the house).  Sunday ignore my bloodshot eyes.  Wednesday don't ask me about my continual yawning.  The older I get the longer it takes to bounce back from these things.


CFHusband said...

I'm stoked...haven't done laser tag in about 4 years!

Amanda said...

Don't forget your coffee pot! See you there!

Megan and Company said...

Ha! we called them "All-Nighters" and I LOVED them. The few I remember were in combo with several local youth groups and were "progressive". We usually started with a worship service at one church and then traveled around the region doing skating, bowling and an indoor arcade type stuff.

Our youth pastor does them in our church, but our church is huge and old. They still do it with several other church youth groups.

From what I've heard, he organizes a phenomenal night that uses the full scope of the building including the creepy old parts that no one goes in anymore.

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