Monday, October 12, 2009

Last Night at Contagious

Attendance was up last night from last week.  Apparently the aliens returned a few or our students.  There were actually some students and leaders playing Scrabble together.  I didn't know that AA was a word?

We started off the evening with a YM team staff meeting.  It was our first annual fudge fest.  All the youth leaders stood around the bar in the kitchen and consumed large amounts of fudge.  I'm thinking this may become an annual event.  The fudge fest had a purpose!  As we sugared up we went over our game plan for the evening.

Last night we took a look at Battling Loneliness.   Often a student is lonely because they put themselves in isolation from other believers, friends, and even God.  Elijah fled to save his life and found himself alone in a cave.  God reminded him that we are never alone, God is always there.  He also let Elijah, who thought he was out there on his own, that there were 7000 other faithful followers of God out there.

After Contagious Youth Band kicked us off with Let God Arise we kicked off our lesson with this video:


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