Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mission Trip To Eleuthera

We are about 30 days out from our student mission trip 2016 to the island of Eleuthera.  The dates of our trip are March 25 to April 1.  We will be serving Camp Bahamas by helping them with maintenance type work.  Each morning after breakfast and our quiet time we will head out to the campus and do some sort of physical labor to help the camp prepare for next summer's camps. 

Last year Camp Bahamas summer camp reached around 500 campers.  That is awesome!  500 Bahamian kids coming to camp for a week and hearing the gospel and how to grow in their faith.  There is really nothing else like this in the Bahamas.  The camp's facility is amazing and what God has done there just in the past several years is incredible.  Twenty three acres that stretch from the the Atlantic side to the Caribbean side.  The Camp has a high ropes course, zip line, water slide, gymnatorium, dining hall, cabins with air conditioning, paintball course, water activities and much more.

In 2015 Camp Bahamas hosted around 200 people for retreats and school trips.  That is another 200 people being exposed to the love of Jesus Christ on the campus.

We were part of last years numbers of missionaries that came to the camp, stayed there, worked there, went into the local settlements to share the gospel.  Three hundred missionaries in 2015!  That's a lot of churches and Christian school groups coming to help Camp Bahamas accomplish God's mission for Camp Bahamas.

So our team is gearing up.  Gathering supplies.  Working through our 4 week pre trip daily devotional on being a servant.  Building a team of prayer warriors to pray for us as we prepare and while we are there.  We are also gathering our financial support team to help us get to Eleuthera.

Nags Head Church doesn't do fundraisers.  We believe the church is called to send people on missions.  So we aren't having fundraisers every other week, no pancake breakfasts, no spaghetti dinners or BBQ's.  Each team member is responsible to raise their support and the church has also budgeted money for mission trips.  Last year our trip budget was a little over $25,000.00.  That included airfare to Nassau and then a charter plane to Rock Sound as well as our room and board at Camp Bahamas and our project supplies.   Most all of our team raised $1500 each last year by sending out support letters, the rest was offset by the budgeted money and a love offering.

If you would like to see a video about our trip and see how you can be involved please click HERE.

If you would like more information about Camp Bahamas and their awesome ministry and even investigate a possible mission trip please click HERE.

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