Monday, February 15, 2016

Last Night at Student Church

Last night at student church we had our 2nd week of the series, Gravity.  We are spending about 5 weeks looking at the laws of life, things we cannot escape.  As, Ramon, my fellow youth guy who serves with me each as a volunteer kicked around some ideas for a series that fit just what we are doing with Gravity  I came across a helpful series.   I didn't like the graphics so we changed that up,  I also added a week,  so Gravity's week one actually became week two.  The series has been very helpful in formulating an outline and scriptures to cover.

You mean you taught something someone else wrote?  "Yes and No."  (More about this on March 4th)

So last night was the Law of Magnets.  The whole idea was about the influence of the crowd.  I started off with a story from my senior year when I got in trouble on a school event.  Lesson learned, it's not safe to throw passion fruit at and into another car while driving down the highway at 50mph.  I found my self on a Saturday morning with my buds cleaning a teacher's car inside and out.  How did I end up there?  I went along with the crowd.  Of course I was 18 and my synapse were not totally firing like they should in my brain.  We looked at Pilate as he tried Jesus.  Pilate found Jesus innocent but ultimately ended up going along with the crowd.  The crowd has incredible influence on our lives.

So we asked the questions:
Who is your crowd?
How is your crowd?

Students then discussed this in their Connect groups following the worship time.

We encouraged our students to find healthy crowds and to be an influencer instead of a follower and to find a person in their life that will challenge them to grow in their faith.

During Hang Time we had sandwiches and lots of Valentines themed treats.  Much ping pong was played, I think the table was used the entire Hang Time.  Lots of great conversations took place on the sofa areas and at the bistro tables between students and and the adults. 

The school has a 4 day weekend so this impacted attendance but I believe the students who were there got much out of the message.

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