Monday, February 22, 2016

Last Night at Student Church

 Last night we continued our series Gravity.  We took a look at the Law of Glue.  Ramon, one of our volunteers, taught about dating boundaries and how emotional and physical intimacy can cause a young person great pain because that sort of intimacy is meant for marriage relationships.  So when a student becomes emotionally involved with a boy or girlfriend and there is the break up the lose a piece of themselves each time.  You can't glue two things together and then rip them apart without some damage.

Student were encouraged to set godly and healthy boundaries for their dating life. 

We had some great discussion during our Connect groups.  The discussion tied in with boundaries and students talked about the importance of boundaries.

During Hang Time we had several pockets of conversation happening, video games, ping pong.   Yes I won the one game of ping pong I played.   We ate Sloppy Dogs!  Years ago we had sloppy joes and the store was out of burger buns (strange isn't it?) so we used hot dog buns instead and now it is an annual tradition.  Sloppy Dogs!

Next week we talk about The Law or Robots and we are going to deal with identity.  Should be a good one.  Who were you?  The smart one, beautiful one, class clown, the athlete, the geek? 

Currently I'm working on our next series, Managing Life.  It's going to be a good one that we are producing in house and I can't wait to share the whiteboard video that has been made to promote and use as a bumper video.

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