Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Last Night in The Loft

God reveals himself to us in:
Jesus Christ

His word

This is what we tackled on Sunday night in The Loft:  Not just how God revealed himself to us but also how that impacts our lives today.   What are you going to do with the knowledge of the fact that God wants a relationship with you?

After a short 20 minute message our students dispersed to the PODz (small groups) for about a half hour or so.  In their PODz they did more digging in the scripture as well as discussed how God revealing himself to them impacts their lives. 

Two thumbs up on this installment of Knowledge.

The question may come up, especially if you are on staff, "Shouldn't you be writing your own stuff?"
A.  God's word is not "my own stuff"
B.  Others have done a lot of work to put together awesome studies, curriculums, etc. that would take months for me to prepare.  Many of them are way more intelligent than I.
C.  This allows me to invest my time in other areas of the youth ministry.
D.  I take the curriculum and don't use it straight out of the box.  I tweak it to fit who we are, where we are at, where we want to end up.  So there is a bit of re-writing and editing I do each week.
E.  If the wheel works why try to recreate it?

After our PODz we had Hang Time in The Loft with the football game on the big screen and flat screens.  We served up Totchos!!!!!!!!  Think nachos made with tater tots.  How can you go wrong with that one?  We had nacho cheese, home made queso and bean dip and guac, sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes and jalapenos.  It were good!

This Sunday night our church will be housing the homeless for a week so we are moving our regular youth group gathering to the bowling alley and encouraging our students to bring students who don't have a church/youth group family to come along with them.

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