Monday, January 5, 2015

Last Night in The Loft

Last night in The Loft . . . .

We opened up with some give aways by taking advantage of cheap Christmas clearance stuff.  Sent some lucky winners home with a gingerbread house kit and some of those over sized super fat candy cane sticks.  Sugared em up!

I then taught for about 20 minutes giving the intro to our series on knowing God.  This series, Knowledge, is the first installment of our strategy to use 2015 to help students drill down deeper into their faith and be disciples.  We are looking forward to how this will go hand in hand with our other discipleship strategy that I will reveal in a February post.
If you want to know more about Deep Discipleship check out LeaderTreks for the details.  Lesson one was great! 

We followed the teaching time with about 35 minutes of small group time.  Students read scripture and discussed more about knowing God.  A few great questions came out of this study time together.  I took the introduction lesson and dissected it a bit to create a teaching time followed by small group time and customized it to fit our time frame and layout of our youth group experience. 

After our POD time was over we had Hang Time and during that time the cheese quesadilla bar was wide open.  This year we plan on doing more food than just chips and cookies.  I'm looking forward to what we can pull off with our budgeted amount for food each week.

This coming Sunday we will be doing an interactive experience on the names of God.  Looking forward to putting this together and hearing from students afterwards.

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