Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Last Night in The Loft

Last week we launched into Deep Discipleship with LeaderTreks by working together on session #1 of Knowledge. 

This week I thought we would change things up a bit.  I created a 6 station Names of God interactive experience.  We started at station #1 - discovering what our own name means then went from there to 5 more stations to learn the names of God and to see how God's character is shown in his names and how those names can impact or influence our daily lives and relationship with God and others.

Each POD (small group) went through all the stations starting at #1.  I dismissed a new POD every 7 minutes, so the PODs had 7 minutes at each station.  Some stations involved scripture reading and discussion, other stations involved an activity, such as writing your name on the name of God that means the most to you where you are today, etc.

I received good feedback and it's always good to change things up and take a break from the "normal" routine or layout of a youth group gathering.

We followed that time up with Hang Time featuring crock pot bacon cheeseburgers.  BACON!  How can you go wrong?  Lots of fun fellowship and games and a great time discovering more about God our Father. 

This Sunday we dive back into the Knowledge study and session #2 - "How do we know about God?"

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