Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Would You Consider?

One of the things I get to do that I enjoy is serve as the chaplain for the Manteo High School football team. Each fall I get the privilege of going over to MHS on game day and have the pre-game meal with the team, hang out with the coaches and then I share a short pre-game devotional under the goal post for the players and coaches who want to attend. By the end of last season most players would sit in on the devotion and even several of the coaches.

This summer MHS Redskins have the opportunity to attend an FCA football camp. As you know times are tight and so are budgets. I would love to see these players and coaches get to attend the camp. I'm committing, personally, to sponsor a player. I'm also planning on sponsoring a player as a youth group. The cost to sponsor a player or coach is $155.00.

If you would consider sponsoring a player/coach for this fantastic football camp (where the gospel will be shared) please contact me and let me know, andy@nagsheadchurch.org . Thanks!

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