Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nice Mug!

I love coffee! I've always been a bit particular about my drinking vessels. (vessels. is that the right word I'm looking for?)

I like iced tea in a glass, not plastic or paper cups. I think glass enhances the iced tea flavor by not polluting it with plastic, foam or paper contaminants.

I like my coffee in a mug. A big mug! Why? Cause I'm a man.

My friend Whitney brought me this mug. Whitney has a business named :the mud room. In :the mud room Whitney creates pottery masterpieces and she created this mug just for me complete with a personalized message on the bottom of the mug. I love the mug! I gave it a test run as soon as I got home from the office last night. It's big and holds a lot of coffee and keeps it warm for a long time.

What's even better is the mug was a gift from Whitney. Whitney made this mug for me to thank me for ministering to students. Here is the kicker! Whitney is not a mom of any of our students, nor does she attend our church. Whitney simply wanted to be a blessing to me with the skills God has given her.

When I drink coffee from my mug, on a daily basis, I will be reminded:
1. :the mud room is awesome
2. It is great to receive encouragement from others (and Biblical)
3. I need to constantly look for opportunities to thank and encourage those who give of their time in ministry.

Thanks :the mud room!

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judith said...

Andy, I think you received a great blessing and IMHO, glass can enhance the color of tea as well as protect us from whatever is in plastic & styrofoam! You are a blessing too. We were placed in NHC for a number of reasons but particularly b/c you were to become a blessing to us. Because of who you are, a crazy man with a huge sensitive heart, someone who cares for kids and a genuine Christ follower. We thank God for you and your "tell it as it is" spirit. In approximately one year, we will celebrate her graduation from college. Amazing considering what the alternative would have been if.........

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