Monday, March 1, 2010

Where Do I Belong?

Last night we kicked off a new series, "All of my belongings".
Ever been part of an organization, a team, a club, a group and still feel all alone?
That's what we tackled last night. We looked at the World's view of this. All the world can offer is cravings. Those cravings leave us wanting more but never finding true satisfaction. Basically all the world leaves us with is this fear of loneliness.
The Bible's response is the fact that we belong, as followers of Christ, to God. We are to love God and to love others. We love others as we love ourselves. Perhaps the reason that some youth groups and churches struggle with truly loving others as Christ did is because we have youth groups and churches filled with folks who don't love themselves.

This year, 2010, Contagious Youth will be really working on loving others and showing mercy as Christ did. I strongly believe that if we do this successfully our church will be packed with students because there are a lot of students out there searching to find where they belong.

Next week: I belong to God

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