Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Discipleship of Our Kids

Deuteronomy 6 is clear that the discipleship of our children is our responsibility as parents. So over the next few weeks I'm going to blog about discipleship. I believe that to be spiritually healthy I must be spiritually balanced. Same goes with my children as I "train them up". So much of my posting will be from a dad's point of view. Some of the areas of discipleship that I will post about are:

  • Sharing faith
  • Spiritual disciplines
  • Serving the body of Christ
  • Fellowship with the church
  • Worshipping God in life

Questions I will look at:
  • Do I teach by my example?
  • What is our family's priority?
  • What does the Bible teach about fellowship?
  • What effect will this have on my grandchildren?
We all teach by our example that is why how we out live life is so important.
My family has priorities. What are they? Have I listed them out? How we spend our time and money as a family is a good reflection of our priorities. If we are going to teach our kids to follow Christ then the Bible is the best place to start. How we parent and disciple our own children will have a direct effect on how they disciple and parent their children. So what we do today, as a parent, has an impact on our family for generations to come. No pressure there, huh?

I will wrap up each post by stepping out of the role of dad and putting on the hat of youth pastor and weighing in as a fellow youth leader in the trenches.

Hopefully this will be a helpful little journey for some, mainly me.

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Sallie said...

I'm looking forward to this series of posts. It's a subject that I'm passionate about, and one where I have a lot to learn. Thanks.

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