Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday To Our Twins!

Our twins are 6 months old today!  Six months ago God blessed us with these two awesome little lives.  I was thinking last night that I can't imagine life without them.  I thank God each day for the miracle of adoption.

The twins are both weighing in now around 17 pounds and are both around the 22-23 inches mark in length.  They are eating baby food (home made I might add because baby food is expensive enough with one baby much less two and home made is healthier) and drinking from a cup.  They still hit the bottle a few times a day.  For a couple of months now they have been sleeping through the night and we are stoked about that.  

Twin A (baby girl) loves to talk and she also enjoys standing in the walker.  Twin B (baby boy) loves to eat and flex his muscles and growl.  They both have great smiles.  Twin B melts me with his big smile and Twin A has had me wrapped around her finger pretty much since birth.

Big brother is enjoying them both more now that they laugh and smile at him.  He enjoys entertaining them (at least for now).

Pray for us as we continue the journey in adoption and heading towards finalization as well as financing the adoption.


CFHusband said...

happy birfday! your "big" cousin is 18 months old tomorrow!

Rebecca Meyers said...

I just wish they were happier. They always look so miserable in your pictures. Ha ha...LOVE IT!!! Sweet chunky monkeys. Happy Bdays!!!

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Fred and Wilma!

Sallie said...

Praising God with you for the miracle of adoption!

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