Thursday, July 9, 2009

Student Life Camp

Next week we leave for Student Life Camp.  Camp is a love/hate thing for me.  I love camp and getting the students out of their normal routine to an atmosphere that is totally centered around God.  I hate being away from home and family.  I sleep better in my own home and I don't really like camp food.  PLUS I'll miss my kids and lovely wife BIG TIME.

Student Life is so organized.  They really have this camp thing down to a science.  As a youth leader taking my students I really don't have any questions or "wonderings" because SL does such a fantastic job preparing us for camp.  Of course the youth leader who doesn't read everything and utilize the online resources may be a bit lost or confused.

Each step of the camp process is lined out by SL.  The camp prep is super easy.  Today I even got our rooming assignments as well as the student's team assignments.  If you are looking for a camp experience for your students next summer I highly recommend Student Life.  I believe this is our 8th summer camp with SL.

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