Friday, May 2, 2014

New Stuff Happening

I like change and like to see when things happen spontaneously or organically without any real effort or input from me.  This way I know it's "not about me".

Some of our recent new stuff:

The Challenge - Some students whined about wanting to go deeper, expecting to be spoon fed by their youth leaders.  So I dropped the challenge for them to join me in reading the book of Judges.  One chapter a day and to journal their observation of what was going on in the chapter and how they can apply it to their own lives and to pray.  A handful of them took the challenge and we sat down to talk about what they learned during Hang Time.  
We can spoon feed but at some point a student has to walk up to the buffet and start scooping out their own meals.

Frustration gives birth - Out of some frustration a group of girls and two of our lady leaders decided to start their own Sunday afternoon Bible study.  Way cool.  I’m not comfortable leading a girls Bible study for obvious reasons so it’s awesome that a couple of our leaders are willing to go the extra mile with the handful of our girls who want to do a study specifically geared to helping them become godly women.  Awesome!

Student Leaders - I threw it out there to see which students would like to talk about and look into the idea of leadership.  Several students joined me for a 15 minute conversation and we are going to build from there.  I let them know I’m mainly looking for servants, students who see what needs to be done and volunteer to do it.
I have tried organized programs in the past and they flopped.  I’m now approaching it organically and as it grows our team will help equip the leaders that rise to the surface.

Digging for answers - expecting growth.  Our team has set out during Hang Time to be very specific about talking to students.  Digging beneath the surface and asking questions like, “Tell me about your relationship with Christ?” and “What did you learn in your quiet time this week?”

New Team members
- We have two new team members this year and this past Sunday we had two more sign up for a test drive.  When God sends new team members I often wonder what He is up to.  I’m praying for growth because I want to see more students come to know Christ.

New Series - Letters from the Mailbox

What's new with you?

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