Thursday, May 8, 2014

Camp Messages

I've been invited to speak at Camp Cale again this summer.  Works out great because our group will be there that week.  This has it's pros and cons but as I think about it I know my group better than a stranger would.  I'm looking forward to this great week of camp and Cale's staff does a great job.  Also joining me is our church's own MP13 Band.   Gonna be great!

I'm working on the messages now.   The camp's theme is "Mission Controlled".  I get to speak twice a day so I have laid out the scope of the messages and I'm working on them now.  Trying to finish them up by the end of June.

My approach:
Start with the scripture.
I copy and paste the scripture in landscape format with a 3 inch margin all the way around.
I then read, re-read, re-read and write notes in the margin as I go. 
I also use the good old highlighter. 
Once my outline is set I create a new document and type out my message word for word.
Insert illustrations and thoughts.
Going for one point and a challenge to apply or take the next step.

In the evening sessions:
To Be a Missionary
  • 1st Be a Believer (gospel message)
  • 2nd Be a Follower (a disciple, following the example of Christ)
  • 3rd Be Obedient (go and do what God asks of you)
  • 4th Be Ready to Share (know your faith and know your story)

In the morning sessions:
  • God Can Use You - Paul's Conversion
  • You will Battle the Enemy - Paul's encounter with Bar-Jesus
  • Share the Truth - Paul's message in Antioch
  • Look to Meet Needs - Paul heals the cripple
  • Missions Not for Sissies - Paul's hardships

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