Monday, May 12, 2014

Everybody Needs Some Time Away

Show your age!  What song is the title of this post from?

What a busy yet fun-filled weekend my family had!  Friday we took a day trip to Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, Va.  I had such a fun time with my kids.  Park wasn’t crowded because school is still in session (perks to homeschooling).

Long, fun filled day.

Saturday was a beautiful day here.  My kids played outside all day which allowed me several hours to get a bunch of my “honey-do’s” done around the house before crashing in a chair and watching my kids play in the sprinkler.

Sunday was Mother’s Day.  On Mother’s Day, in my home, mom gets whatever she wants.  Mish wanted to hit the road on a road/boat trip.  We left late morning after church and headed south to Hatteras and then caught the ferry to Ocracoke.  We made a couple lighthouse stops on the way, had lunch on the way and then ate dinner on Ocracoke then ferried back.  The kids loved the ferry ride and we got to see dolphins swimming right next to us.  We parked and watched a beautiful sunset together.

Another great day as a family together.

We won’t last in ministry if our family is pushed to the back burner by our work.  Our families often sacrifice time with us so that we can minister to the needs of others and serve the church.  This is why it is important to “take some time away”.  Vacations aren’t always possible because of finances but staycations can be great for the family.

I find the “get away” provides:
  • Great memories for my kids.  I don’t want them to be turned off to the idea of church because dad was never around. 
  • Family fun helps family health.  Churches need examples of healthy families.
  • The brain needs a break.  Time away helps spark creativity and fresh ideas.
  • Rest is vital.  Although my weekend was busy I was busy with my family.  This gave me some “rest” and it’s Monday morning now and I feel great.  This will impact my work week in a very positive way.  God rested and I'm not God so I better get some rest.

So my hope and prayer is that your church allows you time to “get away”.  I also hope you use your vacation time, it is there for a reason.  Tired and stale won’t help your youth ministry at all.

What do you do to ensure time away in your schedule?

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