Monday, February 3, 2014

Refuel Retreat

I am really looking forward to attending the Refuel Retreat.  I've been to the big national youth worker events in the past and love them.  Refuel caps their attendance off at 30.  So it's small, intimate I'm looking forward to that aspect even though I'm more comfortable in a large crowd. 

As I venture into my "older" years I often wonder what youth ministry will look like for me.  Much has changed in my approach and level of activity (I learned a few years ago to not to try to outrun a 16 year old playing manhunt).  More will be shaped as I edge into my 50's.  Oh my!!!  I see equipping and turning loose youth ministers from within the church becoming my thing as time goes on.  At the retreat we will be refueling spiritually and life mapping.  I'm not sure what life mapping is all about but I guess I'll find out. 

So I am stoked about Refuel.  Check it out.  Refuel is put on by Leader Treks.  Great people with some great resources.

The retreat I'm attending will cover the following: (as well as worship time)
1. Leading Yourself
Developing your own leadership identity is key to overcoming so many of the challenges you face in ministry. This will help you find success in your leadership and will prevent you from mimicking others around you.

2. Leading the Mission
Are you spending most of your time in areas that push the mission forward or in areas that drain your energy? When you learn how to lead the mission, you’ll steer the ministry in the right direction.

3. Leading Up
Every youth pastor needs to work with people who are older than they are: adult volunteers, parents, and senior pastors to name a few. Knowing how to effectively lead up is one of the most essential things a youth pastor can learn and it can help the church rally behind the youth ministry in big ways.

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